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Busy Bees Have Goals

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Got Goals?  


School is about learning, right?  BUT...not all learning is about math, writing, and reading!  Our most important goals have to do with life skills!  So this year we will all pick one life skill to work on.  Here are some ideas:

  • become a better problem solver
  • become more responsible
  • become more organized
  • put more effort into all my assignments
  • stop being a procrastinator (that means putting things off to the last minute)
  • learn to pay attention in class (that means be a better listener)
  • learn to follow the teacher's directions correctly
  • turn in all assignments on time
  • learn to use my time wisely
  • come to school prepared every day
  • accept responsibility for my actions
  • treat others the way I want to be treated
  • improve my study skills


It is very important to pick a goal that is important for YOU.  Think of something that will really help you to be more successful at school.  (If something is already easy for you, that is not a good choice for a goal.)


Once you have a goal, please go to your new goal page and write:

1.  What your goal is.

2.  Why you picked this goal.


You will use this page all year to record your successes!  And, I have no doubt that we will all be cheering each other on, using the comment section!


Let's get started!


Queen Bee




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Super Swag Bee (SSB) said

at 8:51 pm on Oct 9, 2016

Heyo Queen bee. (it's eevee) um, are we supposed to do this like, now? (Not like 'Now' if u know wut I mean) but in school? Watever. I completely forgot what I was about to say XDDDD (it happens o_o)

joyous donut ice cream macaroon bee said

at 9:31 pm on Oct 9, 2016

probably not "now"

Super Swag Bee (SSB) said

at 3:13 pm on Oct 10, 2016


UMG Bee (Ultimate Minecraft Gamer) said

at 2:41 pm on Oct 14, 2016

Well... NOW we do!;

I love to post this little guy around.
But he's a little weird.
I'm trying different speech-bubbles-around-dots ideas.

Super Swag Bee (SSB) said

at 4:17 pm on Oct 17, 2016


Demar DeRozan bee said

at 10:31 pm on Jan 23, 2017


Super Swag Bee (SSB) said

at 5:16 pm on Mar 6, 2017


Kitty bee said

at 10:13 pm on Mar 9, 2017


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