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The New World is discovered!


Instructions from the Queen:

You, as an agent for the Queen, are hereby authorized to make a journey to the New World on behalf of our kingdom. All of our rivals are competing for land, trade and wealth. Whoever wins will be the strongest kingdom in Europe. It is imperative that you succeed.

Your mission is to discover information about famous explorers that came to the New World. For the explorers listed below, see if you can fill in the missing information. 

Wealth and fame await you.  I will bestow great rewards upon on my subjects who succeed in their quest.

Good luck on your journey and Godspeed. 





Hernando Cortez



Melchior Diaz



Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo


Sir Francis Drake


Sebastian Vizcaino


Gaspar de Portola


Juan Bautista de Anza


Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno



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