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The Kite Fighters

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This is Mr. conrad

I think you need to express what you are saying a little more.



This is Dr.Morre

I think that also finding a new prospective is a good theme for this book because when Kee-Sup told Young-Sup that he actually did not want to go to the mountains Young-sup had a whole new different prospective, and Kee-Sup had the opposite. This tightened their relationship. Even the father had a prospective.


This is Mrs.Ives and I am thinking peer perspective e is a good theme like Dr.Moore. 

I think a good theme for the book is finding a new prespective because there are 3 different perspectives in the story that are all. One is from the farther. Even though the farther likes both the sons equally. But the farther ifs forced to follow his religion. he is trapped in a box to follow the religion. But then finally he cheers for Young-sup even though he was the younger son in the kite fighting contest. 

Also, another perspective is Kee-sup.He does not like being the older son. Because he does not like to the mountains and he has to always study to be on the court and so he does not have a lot of time to do stuff that hi likes. 

Finally, Young-sup does not like being the younger son. because he is being treated like he is invisible when Kee-sup is always getting the honor and he is being treated well. Young-sup wants to be him. Also after those two told how they felt I think their perspectives changed cause they understood how they felt.



This is Mr. Cornrad

     I agree what Mr. Brown says that Right vs. Wrong is a good theme. I think this for a different reason. Even if Kee-sup's invention is interesting, I kinda think that it is unfair for the opponents to get beaten so badly to the dust. They probably have waited their whole life for the competition, but it will just be blown away by the fearsome dragon kite. It is exciting that Young-sup wins, but I actually felt really bad for the other boy as his kite drifts away. I wish I could have jumped into the story and explained to Young-sup that you have to fight right and bravely, not with all these fancy tricks to win their way all the way to the top. I think it would be better and more right for Young-sup to win that championship without the special line. He would actually, in my opinion, get more praise, since he fought without things that would boost himself up. It would be more wrong if he held onto that boost and won unfairly. But you can have your own opinion about it. ( this might not be meaningful, but it might too ok? use your brains to figure it out) :D See ya!


This is Mr.Brown

 I think that it is more of right vs. wrong because of the tradition thing we talked about as a book club. I thought about it. Tradition is right like we all have traditions. But could it always be the right and/or honorable thing to do?


This is Dr.Morre

I am thinking a good theme for this book is finding a new perspective. I think finding a new perspective is a good theme for this book because remember in the third chunk we found out that Kee-Sup did not actually want to go to the mountains and remember when it was like looking in away with a new perspective and taking a blindfold off of your eyes? Well, that is how I think that a good theme for this book is finding a perspective.







This is Mrs.Ives


     what do you guys think about this theme


is peer pressure a good theme for kite fighters.

 because there was peer pressure on kee-sup to go to the mountains by his father also there was peer pressure on the dad by his ancestors to honor kee-sup more then young-sup also it said on page 99 that the father did not speak of the kite festival because behind his silence lay great disapproval









This is Mr. Conrad,

        I disagree with you Dr. Moore because Kee-sup had a reason why he didn't tell his father that he didn't want to go. Kee-sup didn't want to admit it because it would have been disrespectful to his father and his ancestors. Plus, Kee-sup was required to go to the mountains too.




This is Dr.Morre

I don't think Kee-Sup even paid attention to Young-Sup at all. Well, he might have paid attention a little but I don't think Kee-Sup thought that he was taking things for granted.And I agree because he got everything for granted too much and he might have felt sorry for Young-Sup. And I think Kee-Sup at first was a person who did not pay attention at Young-Sup but after reading this chunk I thought maybe Kee-Sup changed a little from not paying attention to Young-Sup to paying attention to him.


I wanted to talk about how Kee-sup was able to ask his father about how Young-sup was a better kite flyer and he should fly for the king. Also, why Wouldn't  have Kee-sup told his father that he didn't want to go to the trips to the mountain. Well, I think the reason is that  Kee-sup might have thought he got everything for granted after Young-sup shouted at him and also that Young-sup was being treated like he was invisible, enough and maybe he thought that he would let his father down in the kite flying contest. so I think he knew that Yong-sup would much better so that is why he was enough to talk to his father


so  was I was wondering if somebody disagreed  with it







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