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Stepping On The Cracks

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I think a good theme for this book is courage. Stuart is a deserter but Margeret, Elizabeth and Barbara help Stuart to run away. It is right because they saved a person who was forced to go to war and not listen to his own morals. But to the mother it is wrong because her son went and got killed in war.Stuart is correct because nobody is allowed to change his morals about something. But from the mother's point of view it is wrong because her son got killed in war and instead Stuart ran away from war and stayed alive.


Sad Bee


I think that when Barbara chose to help Stuart she was doing the right thing. Since Stuart was nice,kind and close friend to her she helped him when she saw him in such a sick state. If she hadn't Stuart would be very sick and close to dying. If I had a friend like that I wouldn't just let him /her die I would help them get better. Even if he wasn't nice she should help him because that act of kindness might change that person and make them a better person. Saving person's life is an amazing deed and so when Barbara agreed to help kind Stuart she was being a great person. If Barbara got caught helping him she would be shot so she is risking her life trying to help a close friend, and i admire that.
bee swagalicious


I think it shows that Barbara has a lot of integrity.  Because it would be easy to blame Stuart for being a coward.  I mean her own husband had just died in the war!

Queen Bee

     I kind of agree but also disagree with bee swagalicious because Barbara is taking a big risk protecting Stuart but I disagree about Barbara decided to help. I think she decided to help because she understood how dangerous and scary it was because Butch died in the war so maybe that's why she helped Stuart (because she might have understood why Stuart was a deserter).


Teal bee/Dr. Mingo  

     I would like to have a conversation about how Stuart's opinion on the poem about war had affected my opinion on it. Stuart's opinion was that war turns people into killers and makes them crazy. I agree with Stuart and it changed my idea of war. First I thought that war was fine if it's for the right reason,but then I realized that each said could have a right reason. I also realized that war would make people kill each other and kill a lot of innocent people. Stuart's opinion of the poem makes me feel like war is wrong because war involves a lot of people being killed, and many innocent people would also be killed.


                                                                                                                                         Teal Bee 

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bee swagalicious said

at 7:32 pm on Apr 19, 2017

I think a good theme for this book is right vs.wrong . Breaking the law is a terrible thing to do. But i understand why Stuart broke the law and became a deserter because someone shouldn't force you to break your morals like the government did.Stuarts moral was to never kill ad he refused to even hold up a gun. Killing is wrong and when Stuart ran away he did it since he didn't want to hurt innocent people like some people in Germany. They are normal and innocent people too , so when the government forced Stuart to go into war I understood when Stuart ran away ( the government is doing something very wrong).

bee swagalicious

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